Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jinhe dhoondte hain sapno main

Jinhe dhoondte hain sapno main
Woh haqeeqat main nahi hai
Jo haqeeqat main hai saamne
Woh hamare sapno main nahi hai

Jo Dil main hai hamare
Woh hamare qareeb nahi hai
Aur jo qareeb hai hamare
Woh hamare Dil main nahi hai

Jis se Pyaar karte hain hum
Woh hamare baare main sochta nahi hai
Jo sochte hain humaare baare main
Un se Pyaar hum karte nahi hain

Hum jinka intezaar karte hain
Woh kabhi aate nahi hain
Aur jo aa jaate hain saamne
Unka intezaar hum karte nahi hain

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